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2 Novellas and Other Works that I Wrote During University [Unedited]

Hey guys! During my time in university I wrote two short novellas and posted them chapter by chapter on  a website called Protagonize.

Jenna Louise:

Jenna Louise is a girl with a dark past, which Michael Torrez, her new neighbor, is trying to uncover. Slowly they find themselves in a web of past mistakes, secrets, heartbreaks, and loss while trying to form a new future of their own. Michael soon finds out that age does not restrict love and Jenna learns that your future doesn’t always have to be shaped by your past.”

Avery Jones:

Avery has lost her first love in a horrible accident and when her family decides to go to Pueblo, Florida for a family vacation she is resistant. She fears forgetting, hates the sunny attitude of those who don’t know Jacob’s outcome, but most of all, she is afraid of finding someone else to love. Then she meets Alex, a tall sunny Pueblo guy, the exact opposite of Jacob, causing her to slowly question everything and, for the first time in months, she begins to let go and be human.”

Mind you, these stories aren’t edited, especially since they were for fun… and my writing has changed somewhat (less wordy, I would like to believe). So if you do end up check them out (Thanks!!!) then please try to ignore typos and such! :)

My other work on the site can be viewed through my profile here.

Happy reading!

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