Confessions of a Book Addict

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  1. ofmellarkandmen said: Clockwork Princess and The Road :)
  2. marypoppings answered: One Pound a Day
  3. slightly-obsessed-girl said: Pride and Prejudice :)!
  4. orithil answered: Dead to me by Anton Strout
  5. thethreeoldcrows answered: Sense and Sensibility!
  6. firstofmae said: I just finished Speechless by Hannah Harrington. So good!!
  7. dazzling-constellations answered: Blessed! The Watchers trilogy part 2. I LOVE IT! i have such an addiction reading i lose sleep and i get behind on hw lol
  8. whatalansays answered: The Garlic Ballads. Have to read it for class, and it is a rather dry read.
  9. createanewworld answered: starting The Tell-Tale Brain by V.S. Ramachandran!! So excited :D
  10. chansoneveryday said: Half way through “1Q84”!!!
  11. whiskersxoxo answered: Beautiful Redemption
  12. ifyougaveagirlabook said: A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah and maybe a little bit of Stephen King’s The Stand. Oh and my physics book, too.
  13. thefallenwoman answered: currently reading Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
  14. rhea46 answered: the skystone by Jack Whyte (almost done) then ill read Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
  15. quietserval answered: Watership Down
  16. nickcounts answered: Going to try to read On Beauty by Zadie Smith. If I give up I’ll read Skippy Dies by Paul Murray
  17. bookedtea answered: The Hunger Games, Brave New World and Queen of Everything c:
  18. be-atrue-heart-not-afollower answered: 13 little blue envelopes
  19. youareworthmorethanawaistline answered: What Remains by Bart Baker :)
  20. bookaddict24-7 posted this

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