Confessions of a Book Addict

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You may be a book addict if...

You spend a lot of money on books. Even at thrift stores and used book stores. You can never get enough.

You have bookcases, shelves, or stacks of books EVERYWHERE.

Most of those shelves are warped from the weight of all of your books.

You can never pass a bookstore or a store with a selection of books without having just. one. glimpse. inside. ("Just one, I swear!")

People give you books or giftcards to bookstores as gifts for special events.

You ALWAYS have a book with you. Even if it is a huge hardcover edition.

You can never stop talking about books. Ever.

You occasionally say, "Oh, that movie looks interesting! Better read the book first, since it's probably even better!" Or some variation of that.

You proudly show off the fact that you read an incredibly difficult book that not a lot of people have read. Be proud!

Your parents have told you to do something social... maybe go outside, see the sun, smell fresh air.

You have mastered the "don't-talk-to-me-or-else-you're-dead-to-me" look for people who have boundary issues when you're reading.

Sarcasm is occasionally your friend when people say obnoxious things about you reading so much.

You salivate over pictures of books. It's okay, we all do it.

You can't browse the deals section of a cheap book website because you know you can't really afford it, but you'll shop anyway.

One of your goals in life is to have a personal library in your home when you have your own house.

The smell of new books, or old books, is something you look forward to.

You always take a step back after putting your book haul away and stare at your growing book collection.

You basically live at the library, bookstore, or secondhand bookstore closest to your home.

You want to marry a book lover, too.

You occasionally break into emotional hysterics when reading a really intense book in public.

You ask yourself: physical books or ebooks?

You need to place a book buying ban on yourself.

Have any more? Feel free to add!

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